Multiple Offers on Your Home?


Multiple Offers on Your HomeOh–what to do when you as a seller of your San Diego, Encinitas or Carlsbad home are encountered with multiple offers on your home?Statistics don’t lie. Sellers are usually looking to walk away with the highest amount of money possible at closing.

Can you blame them?

We advise our clients to make their highest and best offer when confronted with multiple offers on the home of their dreams. This is not the time to play games or negotiate with those trite strategies you once heard at some seminar or from well-meaning relatives.

Rather, go for the kill.

If there are no other offers on the table, consider negotiating on price and terms. If you are in a competitive situation, go for the throat–and a possible winning offer. Go ahead and make your highest and best offer, and state so in your offer.

And even as a buyer if you lose the battle, at least you will know you gave it your best in the Battle of Multiple Offers. And as a Carlsbad or San Diego home seller,  your home just might be the one that deserves the laser-focus of the next group of buyers–if you have none yet! Our goal is to always generate multiple offers on your home! If you wish to discuss buying or selling in San Diego’s competitive real estate market, call Roberta or Scott Murphy at either 760-402-9101 or 760-613-6190. Alternatively, you may email