A Hundred Reasons to Love Dan Diego!


We are active selling Carlsbad real estate on a daily basis and love living here, but also recognize why we adore and love San Diego County as a whole.

Love San Diego!
Balboa Park
It would be a hard place to leave!

From the Coaster, to the Gaslamp to Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, and so much more–what’s not to love? We have the world’s best climate, the beaches, the bay, the ocean, mountains, and a lovely vibrance that lures people from around the world–and keeps people here.

My parents moved here to escape the humidity and cockroaches in Houston. Another client moved here from Belgium so he could play tennis year-round and enjoy the monetary spread between Euros and Dollars. Folks from the Bay and San Francisco area of California think our San Diego real estate prices are a bargain. Others aren’t so sure, but rationalize that they will be spending most of their time outdoors.

This fun short video show just a little of what San Diego has to offer:

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