Leucadia Beach Cottage in Encinitas, 92024


by Roberta Murphy

leucadia beach cottage
244 Leucadia

A Leucadia beach cottage can help make Encinitas real estate just….irresistible!

This cute Leucadia beach cottage at 244 Leucadia Boulevard in Encinitas recently closed escrow at $640,000.

Located on a prime 8000+ square foot Encinitas lot, this vintage (ca 1925) 2-bedroom Encinitas cottage has quaint original windows and hardwood flooring.

Except for the new kitchen, it is easy to imagine what life was like eighty or so years ago, when Encinitas and Leucadia were tiny spots on California’s coastal map.

The gardens outside feature citrus and other native fruit trees along with an abundance of wildflowers.

Inside, the prior owners had lovingly refinished the hardwood flooring throughout and installed all new plumbing and electrical. The new hot water system is tankless, and the kitchen has updated appliances and a new glass door leading outside.

This property would likely qualify for historical status and benefits, but that would probably diminish the possibilities of this property, which has R-2 zoning.

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