Let’s Make Thanksgiving Great Again


The time has come for all good (wo)men to make Thanksgiving great again.

San Diego ThanksgivingI would like to see Thanksgiving be a day of thanks and giving that we share with family, friends and even strangers. At a minimum we can be thankful for another year, another day and for the food we share with others–or in peace alone. Most of us have a roof over our heads, food in the refrigerator and warmth in our homes. Many of us will spend the day with family and friends, and I pray it will be a peaceful one.

We are coming off an embittered election season full of vitriol. This year,  I pray Thanksgiving might be a time where we forgive one another and remember that friendship, relationship and love trump political differences. I hope there is no vote shaming on either side, no fear-mongering, no arguments. I beg for a day of reconciliation and discovering we have more in common than differences in election choices. I am so bored and exhausted with the words and accusations of sexism, xenophobism, mysogynism, racism, elitism and -isms in general. They have become trite excuses for hatred, personal and group condemnation, and even senseless destruction of private property.

I am ready for a season where we care for one another, regardless of political party. Let’s march for peace, understanding and love. Let’s share with the more unfortunate, the homeless, and those in pain with loving intention and perhaps a warm meal or blanket. These are things within our control while those in power are not. To carry hatred for our current president or the one soon taking office is a waste of emotion and intellect. And to point an accusing finger at others accomplishes nothing.

Let’s truly make Thanksgiving great again.

Let’s share as much as we can with family and friends and avoid political discussions at all costs–even if everyone is in agreement. Rather, let’s laugh with one another and remember the good times. Let’s be grateful for family, for our freedoms and for those who protect us. And try to remember and reach out to those who are lonely or in pain or recovery.

I am even grateful for Facebook, where I can connect with old friends, relations and friends I have yet to meet in real life.

To my handful of readers, I wish you a great and memorable Thanksgiving filled with fun, love and lots of beautiful food!