A Laundry Room Alternative?


I can’t decide whether this little washing machine reminds me of an ice cream maker or a propane tank, but if it lives up to its promise nobody will care.

The Wonder Wash pictured at right is a countertop washing machine that is both environmentally and budget-friendly. Using less water than hand washing, this little wonder will wash up to five pounds of clothing in just a few minutes with a couple of turns at the crank.

Laundry Alternative reports that the machine’s internal pressure system forces detergent through clothes at a very high speed, apparently up to 100 times faster than traditional washing machine technology.

Five pounds of clothing? That could be 10 tees, 30 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of jeans or a couple of towels. Those are items that need frequent washing and might be easily hung to dry. It’s also safe for delicates.

Priced at only $42.95 with a one-year warranty, this would be a perfect gift for the college student, frequent camper or RV user–or even one who hates making trips to coin-operated laundries.