La Costa Resort Villas + La Costa Villas = Confusion



la-costa-resort-villa-gate1by Roberta Murphy

Confusion in La Costa real estate?

Ever since La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad decided to enter the hotel condo business–and call these units La Costa Resort Villas–there has been confusion about the differences between these newer units on the grounds of the La Costa Resort and Spa– and another condo development just three blocks away that have for years been referred to as the La Costa Villas.

I recently received a kind email from someone who was confused about the two and wondered about the differences between them.

My response:

Your confusion is understandable, because there are indeed two La Costa projects called “The Villas.”

One is an older condo development a few blocks from the resort with several units that are frequently rented out. Most of these condos are multi-level, though a handful are single story–and somewhat smaller. These homes roughly range in price from the high $300,000’s to the mid-$500,000’s–with square footage ranging from around 1200 to over 1900 square feet. There are HOA rules, but no limitation on days of owner usage.

The La Costa Resort Villas are another story entirely.

These are on the grounds of La Costa Resort and Spa and currently range in price from $625,000 to $1,650,000. These hotel condos are sold turnkey furnished and limit owner’s usage to 120 days per year. Monthly fees are substantially higher (depending upon size of unit), because maid service and routine maintenance is included. These units range in size from 650 to 2526 square feet. Owners here have the option of allowing the La Costa Resort to manage rental of their Villas and share in the income.

In short, for those who want the ability to use their La Costa condo on a full-time or substantial part-time basis, it would probably be wise to consider La Costa real estate that does not limit owner usage. On the other hand, there are investors who love the hotel condo concept and split their time between various homes. When not there, they appreciate the income provided by the managing hotel. In that case, La Costa Resort Villas would be a perfect choice

And to add to the confusion, there are also the La Costa Chateaus which are privately-owned condos behind the gates and on the grounds of La Costa Resort. Many of these are privately rented out as vacation rentals by the owners. These run just under 800 square feet with prices that currently start in the $300’s and have run up to $1.2 million for double units.

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