Kudos to Carlsbad: Most Wired City in CA!


by Roberta MurphyCarlsbad, CA

Carlsbad Most Wired City
Carlsbad Real Estate Trophy

Got to love this–and feel we might have had a small hand in Carlsbad’s success in being named by Google as California’s “most wired” city.

Carlsbad Most wired city in California?

The Google eCity Award recognizes the strongest online business community in each state. Google and independent research firm Ipsos MORI analyzed the online strength of local small businesses in cities in all fifty states. The city with the highest scores in each state was designated a 2013 Google eCity.

It’s hard to imagine Carlsbad beating out Silicon Valley or Los Angeles (and even San Diego), but we managed to do so!

Of course, Carlsbad real estate is a hot topic (and one for which we rank very high on Google), but I’ve got to think much of it has to do with community involvement, where neighborhoods have their own Facebook pages and the Carlsbad Police Department participates in community news.

Am still scratching my head.

Could it be Carlsbad Patch? NextDoorRanchoLaCosta? LaCostaOnline? Or some other site that pushed us over the edge?

Regardless, am so proud of Carlsbad, CA and its big win over other big cities in the state!