A Real Estate Chuckle


by Roberta Murphy

San Diego real estate isn’t always presented in the best light–especially when homes are listed with bad photography, misspelled descriptions and grammar that would make a fifth grade teacher snarl.

Sitting at lunch yesterday in San Francisco where we had attended Inman Connect, real estate blogger, broker and wit extraordinaire Kevin Boer (at the urging of fellow diners and friends) announced his candidacy for president of the San Francisco Association of Realtors.

Annoyed at association fines and scoldings for nicely writing about other agent’s listings, this San Francisco real estate broker would rather take real estate agents to task for describing and portraying their own listings appropriately.

But let me not steal Kevin’s thunder:[youtube]ghOZIaz29JU[/youtube]

5 responses to “A Real Estate Chuckle

  1. Roberta,
    Amen! Does he need any campaign money? Let’s get him on the National level so we can all benefit.

    Best video I’ve seen in a long time…with loads of humor.

  2. Too funny, Roberta. This candidate should ban REALTORS from eating donuts that have first fallen on the floor. REALTORS will eat anything that is brought into the office even if spilled on someone’s car seat or the floor. Why is that? There oughta be a rule change that this practice be outlawed. And the 5 second rule has been proven to be bunk,lol.

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