Humpday Hints: Inexpensive Wine Cellar


by Roberta Murphy

Clay Tile Wine Cellar

Carlsbad, CA–Years ago when we were remodeling our home in La Habra Heights, CA we discovered a potential narrow closet off the kitchen. Instead of adding shelving and a door, we left it open and arranged to create a wine cellar constructed with 4-inch clay sewer tiles cut into 18-inch sections. We then stacked them into rows of five and ran them from floor to ceiling.

The clay stayed cool year round and we enjoyed having a place to store our wine finds.

The photo at left represents a tighter-fitting solution for smart San Diego homes, with hexagonal tiles that fit more precisely together. But just consider the possibilities if they were stacked inside a narrow closet from bottom to top.

Wines stay reasonably cool within a tight space–and age in more appropriate conditions.

This is a suggestion for San Diego real estate, but is one that should work in almost any climate.

Enjoy your new wine cellar. Cheers…and clink!