Sell Your San Diego Home Quickly


Sell Your San Diego home quicklyHow do you sell your San Diego home quickly, when the real estate market has so many short sales and foreclosures?

Those distress sales can make it tough for all home sellers–especially if you are in a neighborhood congested with these so-called real estate bargains,

This morning CNN offer 5 tips for selling your home quickly–starting with aggressive pricing at 10 to 15 percent below recent comparable sales–possibly excluding or discounting foreclosure and short sales, unless they dominate your market. That may or may not apply in all San Diego neighborhoods, and warrants individual discussion–especially if you want to sell your San Diego home quickly.

Still, CNN and we offer some selling tips that will work in all markets–but are particularly important in these more challenging economic times:

  • Focus on first impressions. Spruce up the yard, paint your front door, plant flowers, spread mulch,  powerwash the exterior of your home. We also suggest a new front door mat, clean windows until they sparkle, add a new porch light if needed and make sure gardens, sidewalks and driveways are crisply edged.
  • CNN suggests treating first time home buyers as friends–which they are.  We know they have moved into the San Diego real estate market in force, thanks to the federal tax credit, reduced home pricing, low interest rates and inventory levels that are starting to shrink–at least at the lower price points.
  • An online presence is critical and it’s necessary for you or your agent to promote your home not only on traditional real estate venues, but also on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. That’s where the Gen-Y and Gen-X crowd congregates.
  • The advantage you have as a “normal” seller is that you don’t have to stretch the transaction out for months waiting for bank and investor approval. You can close quickly and at a certain price. More and more, San Diego home buyers (and especially first time home buyers seeking the $8000 tax credit that expires this year) are looking for homes with certain closure.
  • Go ahead and plan to sell and close your home quickly. That means thinning out closets right away, boxing up family photos and treasures, and lessening the load and appearance of “things” and “stuff” in your home.  This paring down will help your home look more spacious–and will be a Godsend come moving day. When it comes to staging your San Diego home for sale, less is truly more.
  • Finally, don’t try to mask odors with candles or sprays.  Nothing smells better than a home that is truly clean. Shampoo carpets, wash or paint walls, clear and clean kitchen surfaces and make sure bathrooms are spotless. Open windows and air out your home. And try to avoid, at least while your home in on the market, cooking smelly foods.–by Roberta Murphy