San Diego Real Estate Investment

During the past few years–as home prices declined in San Diego–we saw a significant uptick in real estate investor activity. Many were seasoned investors who saw the opportunity to buy homes that could rent for more than payments.

Another significant group were people who had become wary of the stock market and the performance of their 401K and IRA portfolios. Many were able to carefully extract money from these accounts and pay cash for San Diego investment properties. This strategy requires the investor to use these retirement funds for investment properties only (no owner-occupy) and to fund repairs, taxes and maintenance from the retirement account. Rents and income received must also be deposited into the same account. There can be no co-mingling of funds.
(Suggest seeking professional advice!)

In both cases, investors saw the opportunity for both capital gains as well as interim income. And instead of buying investment real estate in less desirable geographical areas, these smart buyers have landed properties in one of the most-desirable areas in the world: San Diego.

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