Carlsbad and Encinitas Hazardous Waste Solution


by Roberta Murphy

Hazardous waste
Hazardous Waste

What to do with hazardous waste?

Preparing the Carlsbad or Encinitas home for sale involves not only staging, de-bulking and depersonalizing, but also reaching under sinks and deep into garage shelves to clear the way for new owners.

And almost without fail, hazardous waste will materialize.

What to do with those old cans of paint, bug sprays, automotive products, cleaning solutions, lawn and garden and pool chemicals, rodent poisons and box of mothballs? And what about old electronics, car batteries, mercury thermostats and thermometers and fluorescent bulbs?

Please don’t even think of adding any of these items to your regular trash. This is hazardous waste that requires special handling and disposal. The area wastewater treatment plant is unable to process toxic substances, so never put any hazardous material down any type of drain, whether inside or out. These are materials that do not belong in landfills, either.

Disposal of hazardous waste for Carlsbad and Encinitas residents is wonderfully simple. They may bring all types of hazardous material (including biomedical waste) to the Regional Solid Waste Association, located at 1145 E. Taylor Street in Vista. The facility is open for drop-offs on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Disposals are limited to 125 pounds or 15 gallons (per trip, I would presume).

Carlsbad and Encinitas residents have the added convenience of door-to-door pickup service for a current fee of $10.00 with the same quantity limitations mentioned above. To inquire about drop-off and pick-up services, call 1.800.714.1195.

If this service is not available to you because you live outside this service area, there is a hazardous waste facility operated by the County of San Diego in Ramona at 324 Maple Street. The Ramona operation may be reached at 877.713.2784.