How to Generate Multiple Offers on a San Diego Home in 2013

How to generate multiple offers
First Time Home Buyers

Want to generate multiple offers on your San Diego home this year?

Here are 7 tips that can make the difference between a home that sells at or above list price and one that languishes on the market. In most markets, buyers are waiting and willing to compete for homes that make to cut. Here are some tips to generate multiple offers:

  1. Price to perfection. List your home at or around 5 perent under market valuation and you could generate a bidded sales price of up to 8 percent over your original asking price. Overprice your home and it could sit unsold for weeks–or months. Beware agents who attempt to buy your listing with a too-high list price.
  2. Enhance your curb appeal. Clean up and mulch garden beds. Any peeling or faded paint? Rotten wood? Replace or scrape, then prime and paint. Replace front door mat and check front door. Does it need new paint or a coat of varnish? How about the hardware? Couild it use updating? Same goes for porch light.
  3. Walk through your home with a critical eye and all remove pockets or piles of cluttter. Buyers open closet and doors, so make sure they aren’t overcrowded and are as appealing as possible. Consider donating, having a garage sale or simply packing up those things that clutter your home.
  4. Are baseboards or doors scuffed and dirty? Cleaning might do the trick, but don’t hesitate to repaint if necessary.
  5. Many younger buyers hate brass knobs and fixtures–as they quickly date a home. Consider replacing brass faucets, cabinet knobs and accessories with brushed chrome, burnished bronze or some other contemporary material. Oh, and make sure all cabinet doors close and use magnetic latches if necessary.
  6. Make sure your home is sparking clean–including windows and screens and that smoke and animal odors are abated. Clean carpeting and wash or repaint walls if needed.
  7. Finally, make your home easy to show. Allow a lockbox if possible and be ready for showings on short notice. If your home is ready and easy to show–and your agent advertised it all over the internet, you should have a very busy first–and hopefully final–week on the market.

And if you are even thinking of putting your San Diego home on the market and want to discuss multiple offer strategies, please give Scott, Mike or me a call at 877-818-8197 or 760-402-9101.

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