Garage Door Opener Could be Key to Your Home


Thief Staling Garage Door OpenerHow often do you leave your remote garage door opener in your car?

You might want to think again!

Thieves have learned that in ransacking cars that the remote garage door opener is a virtual key to the home–either immediately or later in time.

One local Carlsbad owner was asleep with two small children when she heard the garage door open and realized that an intruder was inside. Fortunately, the door between the garage and her home was locked. She immediately called 911, but the thief or thieves were able to leave before police could apprehend them. With them went several thousand dollars worth of tools and other items from both the car and garage.

This could be problematic whether you have a detachable remote or one built into your car mirror (or elsewhere). And even if your car is locked, thieves can still break in and either use or steal your remote.

According to the Carlsbad Police Department, the best solution, if at all possible, is to park your car in the garage (with both locked!). If that can’t be done, keep your car doors locked at all times and park in a lighted area. Motion-activated lights are a good possibility, You might also put up real or fake cameras pointed from above at your driveway, if that is where you park your car. Then put up a sign that your home is under video surveillance. An activated car alarm is also a possibility. We ordered a number of these signs and now offer them to our real estate clients.

We are always on the hunt for home safety ideas. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share!