Freeze Your Avocados


avocadosLife in Carlsbad is wonderful with our balmy client, beautiful beaches and fresh local produce–including avocados.

Avocados are plentiful in grocery stores, in venues like Costco and also roadside stands located in more rural Vista, San Marcos and Fallbrook venues. At Costco and the stands, I invariably buy a bag full of the fruit, which all seem to ripen at the same time and at least a couple turn to mush unless I remember to make guacamole. Life in a real estate broker’s home can be hectic at times.

And I’m embarrassed to admit they all too frequently I fail to make the guacamole and end up trashing some very precious avocados.

This afternoon while in San Marcos, I stopped at the fruit stand by Deer Springs Road and I-15.  Once again, I bought a big bag of avocados, and boxes of blood oranges, zucchini and baby bananas.I immediately piled the fruit onto the kitchen counter, rescued two large avocados that had ripened by the kitchen window and pulled ripened ones from the bag.

You see, I recently learned they can be frozen for future use. Here’s the simple trick:

Slice ripe avocados in half and peel off skin. Remove seed.

Spritz with lemon or lime juice.

Put into freezer bag and remove as much air as possible.

Put into freezer.

I now have two small freezer bags full of beautiful and ripe avocado that will be ready for my nightly salad on some evening when there is no ripe avocado in the basket. And why this seeming obsession with avocados? I not only love their flavor, but the health benefits are undeniable and more than I can list here–but this site offers a complete rundown of the avocado nutritional value.