Few Cockroaches in San Diego


by Roberta Murphy

Few cockroaches in San Diego homesThis article has little (very little) to do with San Diego real estate, but much to do with quality of life in this southernmost coastal county in California.

It most particularly has to do with our unusual lack of household pests–such as cockroaches. It seems cockroaches in San Diego just don’t get along with our arid coastal climate–and just might be one more reason to move to San Diego County.

We had friends to dinner tonight, ate carne asada burritos outdoors, and one of our topics of conversation dealt with San Diego’s fortunate and relative lack of six-legged household pests. Florida, Georgia, Texas and most other states are not so lucky.

I once lived in Houston and monthly visits from the exterminator were a necessity. Otherwise, cockroaches the size of four-legged critters would move into kitchen cabinets and every other dark corner in the home. We truly had our choice of poisons.

It was wonderful to eat outdoors tonight, unbothered by mosquitos, black flies–or other creepy crawlies.

It is reported that German roaches may be a problem in some San Diego kitchens, but we have yet to see any in our own home or those of others we show throughout county. Why so few (if any) observed cockroaches in San Diego? Perhaps it is our arid climate–or something else that cockroaches find unappealing.

Whatever these critters hate–it is likely something that we love about our precious and coastal corner of the world–and something folks relocating to San Diego will appreciate.

— Roberta Murphy

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  1. Interesting, having lived in latin America we always notice that the roaches are a different color in SD…brown instead of black.

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