Farewell 2016; Hello 2017 and the Promise You Hold



This morning I soured on all the Facebook posts dissing 2016 and those wanting to drop kick it out the door. Sure there were celebrity deaths, most recently that of Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds. There were vociferous complaints and fears expressed about presidential election results. Gripes about the cold. And the world going to hell in general.

But 2017, despite looming problems, holds great promise and new opportunities.

Personally, I am optimistic about 2017 and grateful to have survived 2016 and another year. I mourned losses in 2016, just as I did in 2015, 2014, 2013 and so many years before. In 2006, we lost my 18-year-old nephew Rhett Butler to suicide and a few months later the death of our mom. That was a tough year, but we survived and learned and looked at life a little differently. In 2009, my sister Gayle and I became orphans with the death of our dad. That was the year I shed a bucket of tears…but survived. Enough with the economy and San Diego real estate in an apparent death spiral.

Those were dark days for sure, but we survived, learned new skills and developed new frustrations with San Diego short sales, foreclosures, loan modifications and lenders from hell.

To be sure, there were losses in 2016 (and other years), both distant and personal. And there were divisive political battles this year that left many wounded and ready to leave the country. But I can’t help but reflect on my gratitude for the gifts of life, including an intact family, for the marriage of RaShelle and Eric as well as Bryan and Cecilia. And in spite of failed and frustrating transactions, I am grateful for the gift of wonderful real estate clients and San Diego Realtor-partners. I am grateful for friends, both old and new, for new discoveries, for good health–in spite of a current broken toe and ankle.

There were deaths and losses in 2016. And there will be more in 2017, to be sure, and in the years beyond. But I firmly resolve to seek the good in each day and live life in a state of gratitude–as much as possible. I’m no bliss bunny, so this won’t be an easy task. But I DO believe our thoughts and beliefs help shape our reality–and that miracles through the grace of God are possible.