Easy Tip for Sticky Windows and Sliders


by Mark Murphy

Sticky windows and sliders
Sticky Windows and Sliders

Though it’s rarely a San Diego home safety issue, sticky windows and door sliders can be a real aggravation for homeowners–and a negative for those who area trying to sell their homes.

My Monday morning tip is to thoroughly clean the vinyl track of debris and then spray with Pledge furniture polish, which acts as a lubricating wax that should last for at least several months.

We’re approaching Autumn and the holidays, so this might be a good opportunity to clean all window glass, wash window screens, clean track and finish with a light coating of Pledge or a close substitute.

If you have older wood or metal windows, a thicker coating of wax may be needed. In that case, warm a tea light or candle in your hand to soften and then coat the cleaned track with the wax, much as you would with a crayon. The wax should help the stickiest metal and wood windows.

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