Humpday Hint: Dual-Flush Toilets


by Roberta Murphy

Dual flush toilet adapter
Dual Flush Toilet

I am ordering three of these water savers today. For less than $60, I’ll be able to save substantially on our San Diego water bill and my guilty conscience.

Toilets, it seems, are perhaps the most inefficient appliances in our homes and about 80 percent of our flushes are huge wastes because the entire tank is emptied with each flush. And when the  EPA estimates that residential toilets take up a full third of our residential water usage (more than 2 trillion gallons of water annually), it is perhaps time we look for solutions–especially when they can be had for around $20. per toilet.

TheHydroRight Dual Flush Drop In Converter can be retroactively installed on residential toilets and will apparently deliver an efficient mini-flush for non-solid waste and a full-force flush when needed. The mini-flush will reportedly handle both liquids and toilet paper when the heavy-duty flush is not required.

If toilet size is an issue, the more versatile and adaptive HydroRight Convertermay be needed at an increased cost of around $10.

Am thinking of emailing our San Diego real estate clients about this green toilet tip.

In this day and age, there are few who aren’t interested in saving both money and water–especially in Southern California where water is a precious commodity.

Note: We have installed these in our home toilets, and installation was a snap.  It may take a little while to adjust to the button flush that replaces the typical level.  They are currently available at Costco for around $19 and at Home Depot for $18.