Coyote Problem in San Diego


There seems to be a coyote problem in San Diego–and especially in Carlsbad lately. Or perhaps it just seems so because of our keen focus on Carlsbad real estate.

San Diego Coyote

A month or so ago, one of our clients in La Costa Valley lost their dog to a coyote who managed to jump a six-foot fence at 2 am in the the morning. The pug had gone out the doggie door to explore the commotion on the other side of the back yard fence–and probably to protect his home. The dog was killed, mangled and left behind as he was likely to heavy to carry on return trip over the fence.

It all happened quickly and quietly while the household slept.

We all understand that our suburban developments have displaced the natural habitats of not only coyotes, but raccoons, possums, bobcats, rabbits, snakes and other creatures. And because Carlsbad had that 40 percent of all land under its control shall remain unbuilt and open (golf courses count), these animals still have a home…of sorts.

They still are hungry, though, and must do the best they can to find food for survival. And that makes our trash cans, pets and gardens fair game for all–and I really don’t have a solution for these hungry animals.

On the other hand, we want to protect our pets from coyote attacks and many are seeking a solution. I’ve explored the issue and have been advised that motion detecting lights might spook coyotes, and wireless LED lights that will do just that are currently available at Costco.

Others have had success with wolf urine sprayed around the yard’s perimeter–or with urine soaked wicks placed strategically every few yards. Possession of this urine would negate the problems of actually keeping a wolf for protection–and genuine wolf urine seems to be the best choice, followed by mountain lion and bear. There are likely several sources for predator urine–and the cost does not seem out of line. You may also be able to locate these urine repellents in your local feed store.

And for our La Costa home, I am thinking about buying some coyote urine to repel rats and mice….

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