Dear Client: What Do You Want?

La Costa real estate client
Puzzled San Diego real estate client

Dear Real Estate Client: What do you want?

That is the simple question we ask each San Diego and Carlsbad real estate client. The answers are
frequently complex–and are rarely repeated. Each home, each buyer, each
seller, and each circumstance is different. Much like snowflakes, we’ve never encountered duplicate
clients or transactions.

Several years ago, we had a client whose second home in La Costa was a certain short sale
candidate. The kitchen remodeling had not been completed–and more mortgage
debt was owed than what the property was worth. Moreover,the seller
was traveling muçh of the time and had no time to devote to his former

It took some doing (and paying very close attention to changing market
conditions), but we were able to negotiate a normal sale, complete the
kitchen remodel while negotiating with contractors– and still put a little bit of money into the seller’s account.
The buyer was happy, the seller ecstatic, and there were a couple of
lenders who were surely wiping their brows. And we were happy with their reviews!

So what do we do?


We really listen to what you want, as well as your needs, and work to find real
solutions to your real estate challenges. Sometimes it is negotiating
a difficult sale.  Sometimes it is finding the perfect ocean view home
for a precise buyer, and sometimes it is crafting a time-sensitive
1031 exchange for one of our investors. Sometimes, we just hold hands.

Each transaction is different.

Our client commitment is unwavering, and we enjoy a remarkable level
of repeat business and friendly referrals. In turn, we are gifted with
terrific clients–many of whom have become dear friends.

Do we enjoy what we do?

Absolutely! We are matchmakers, negotiators and problem solvers. We are also both perpetual students and teachers.
We learn from each transaction and share our vast experience with both client and each other.
And it should come as no surprise that a couple of our agents are former clients!