Clean Out Closets and Pantry–and Lend a Hand


Poverty in San Diego

The Great Recession has hit almost everyone everywhere, and charities (such as Brother Benno) that serve those stricken with poverty and hunger at the proverbial “Ground Zero of need” have been hit exceptionally hard.

San Diego has a number of charities serving the poorest, but one especially close to our hearts would have to be Brother Benno’s missions. It is they who provide showers, hearty breakfasts and showers for homeless children and their families. It is the volunteers for Brother Benno who provide hot meals for the elderly and disabled, provide shelter for women and children, and run recovery homes for sober living.

In prior years, Brother Benno Charities also provided rental assistance to needy families–but hard times and rising food costs have eliminated that aid.

How Can You Help?

Donations (including money) are urgently needed NOW and might come from any corner of your San Diego home. Have extra food in your pantry? Outgrown children’s clothing, toys, school supplies, diapers, cribs or linens? Also welcome are furniture, household items, cars–and even recyclables that might be sold to help raise cash for needed supplies.

And in case you are wondering how much goes to administrative overhead, the answer is “very little>” The organization is run largely by volunteers and the executive director draws a hefty $1 per year salary, while a small staff known as “servants of the poor” receive room and board and $300 per month salary. It’s an organization with lots of heart and one that runs on a very lean budget.

Over the years, we have donated two automobiles to Brother Benno and I have committed to go through pantry, closets and garage in search of goods that might help this wonderful charity. And if you would like to support Brother Bennos Center, they are located at 3260 Production Avenue in Oceanside, off Airport Road, while ltheir Thrift Shop is located at 3965 Mission Avenue in Oceanside, open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For additional information, call 760-439-1244 or visit