Cirque de Soleil Corteo Coming to San Diego


by Roberta Murphy

Cirque du Soleil Coming to Del Mar

Back in late November or early December, I had tried to snag six tickets for one of Cirque de Soleil’s Corteo upcoming performances in Del Mar, but they were sold out–at least for anything approaching normally-priced tickets.

Bummer, thought I. What a great Christmas gift it would be for the family and for my dad, now 87. Another opportunity lost.

In a rare spirit of defeat, I decided to forget about Corteo and the spirited fun of Cirque de Soleil. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Imagine my delight just before Christmas when hubby Mike confided that he had snagged six third row tickets for Corteo on February 5. Apparently, the troupe had decided to hold over their joyous funeral performance for a few more days–and that presented the magical door of opportunity for Mike to maker some dreams come true.

Now, just imagine the happiness when we announced that triumph to the family and my Dad!

Corteo premiers in San Diego on January 11, 2008 for a limited engagement at Del Mar Fairgrounds that now runs through February 10. Describes by the Los Angeles Times as “celestial entertainment for all ages,” Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo is a joyous procession or parade as imagined by a clown. The clown dreams of his own funeral occurring in a carnival atmosphere, guarded by lovely caring angels.

The playful and lyrical music moves Corteo through a celebration in which illusion toys with reality.

Cirque du Soleil currently has 15 unique and distinctive shows playing around the world. Wildly successful, this production company has played before over 60 million spectators from over 100 cities from around the world since 1984.

Are we excited about third row tickets to Corteo?

Without a doubt!