Light + Paint


PaintLight exposure in your room plays a large part in the visual drama of your paint colors–especially in your San Diego home, because we have so much sunshine.

In rooms with multi-directional sun exposure—either opposing (east/west or north/south) or perpendicular (north/west, north/east, south/west, south/east)—the play of light over your walls, reflecting off your ceiling or bouncing off the floor can change the appearance of the paint colors you have selected. In fact, the colors will look different at various times of the day and even change with the seasons throughout the year.

When you add artificial light into the mix you may end up with a look you weren’t expecting. And artificial lighting comes in many forms–from fluorescent, to incandescent to the newer LED lighting, which is most energy efficient and long-lasting.


As you may remember from grade school, color is all part of the light spectrum. For example, when you see a rainbow, its colors are different lengths of light rays from the sun bouncing off water molecules in the atmosphere.And then, many of us perceive color differently. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is color.

Humans have varying degrees of color-blindness. With men, it can be as high as 7 to 10 percent in the red-green spectrum. A smaller number of colorblind people of either gender do not see the blue-yellow spectrum. That means that if you’ve chosen a neutral gray or taupe with a red or green undertone, one person may see it differently than another.

This can be something to take into consideration when you put your San Diego or Carlsbad home onto the market–and why neutrals may be your best choice.


Color Choices

Before selecting a color, bring home swatches and hang them on the walls–or buy small samples of the paint (which would be your wises choice once you have narrowed down your selection). Watch how light plays off them throughout the day. If you are uncertain which neutral color to paint in preparation to sell your home, give us a call. We’ll be glad to offer suggestions! Feel free to call Roberta or Scott Murphy at either 760-942-9100 or 760-613-6190–or email