Lose a Job; Keep Your Home

by Roberta Murphy Carlsbad, CA–These are tough economic times, even in sunny San Diego. With unemployment running at 9 percent here, many fear not only the loss of their jobs, but the loss of their San Diego homes as well. So what’s a homeowner to do when facing unemployment? Besides filing for unemployment, checking 401(k)

San Diego Loan Modification News

Carlsbad, CA–We’ve been scouring rumors, prophesies and commentary everywhere, trying to get an advance handle on Obama’s loan modification program that was released this morning. And which says: The home must be an owner occupied, single family 1-4 unit property (including condominium, cooperative, and manufactured home affixed to a foundation and treated as real property
San Diego Foreclosure

San Diego Pre-Foreclosure Solution

by Roberta Murphy   A Pre-Foreclosure Solution for Distressed Homeowners There are thousands of San Diego real estate owners who are in various stages of mortgage distress and pre foreclosure. Some have had interest rate resets, making their mortgage payments unaffordable, while others have had life setbacks which might include job loss, divorce, medical problems–or

New San Diego Real Estate Exchange Program

by Roberta Murphy Bob Dyson is a San Diego real estate legend who recently launched Sotheby’s real estate offices in the San Diego, Palm Springs and Las Vegas markets. He has kindly agreed to share some exciting news about a new real estate exchange program that is set to rock the San Diego real estate