san diego

San Diego: Most Popular City

We know San Diego is a great place to live–even when we have a week of rain. It’s truly a most popular city and one loved by almost all. Our real estate prices seem to have settled out, the Padres almost made the World Series and our beaches, mountains, skylines and sunsets remain as magnificent

Life in San Diego: Not So Stressful

Carlsbad, CA— publishes some interesting lists, and I couldn’t help but wonder who made their recent 10 Most Stressful Cities in America. Thankfully San Diego, aka America’s Finest City, was nowhere to be found. The study considered such things as high unemployment, long commute times, long working hours, limited health care, poor physical health and limited

San Diego a City that Pays Off

Carlsbad, CA–The San Diego real estate market has taken a beating the last few years, but recent stats show that home sales and prices are picking up and leveling out.  What many have forgotten during this downturn is that San Diego remains one of the most desirable places to live on this planet. Are San