Everything You Need to Know About Moving to San Diego (1)

Moving to San Diego?

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Moving to San Diego San Diego, also known as “America’s Finest City,” is one of the most popular cities in America for relocation, and as soon as you start reading about it, you will quickly understand why moving to San Diego is so popular.. Here are just a

Beware San Diego Rental Scam

I’ve had several calls this afternoon from folks who were about to be taken in by a San Diego rental scam. These callers were saved, because they drove by 335 Venetia Way and saw our For Sale sign in the yard and took the time to call. This lovely 3-bedroom home is on the market

Good Debt, Bad Debt–or No Debt?

by Roberta Murphy—Carlsbad, CA Scott Murphy recently focused my attention on a Yahoo Finance article, The Myth of Good Debt –originally posted on US News and World Report. It’s a good reminder for us all. In short, the author says all debt is basically…debt. It’s an obligation one owes to another, and that’s not necessarily a good

San Diego Mortgage Rates at All-Time Low!

NOW is the time to buy San Diego Real Estate Inventory levels in the San Diego real estate market have been steadily shrinking–which means that our market (at least near the coast) has likely reached more normalized conditions. Add to that today’s announcement that mortgage interest rates have reached an ALL TIME LOW and buying signals