San Diego Home Prices Compared to …..

San Diego Home Prices Compared to Rest of California California home prices with their precipitous heights and troughs make national news on a consistent bases.  But as this infographic from the California Association of Realtors shows, real estate is local. Predictably, the San Francisco Bay area hits the stratosphere, with San Mateo. Marin and San

A Lesson for Banks–From Tucson

Tuscon Realtor  Dave Smith should have been hired by the banks five years ago. Had they heeded his advice about dumping foreclosures onto the market in “as-is” condition, they might be in much healthier financial condition today. This week we are so honored to have Tucson Realtor Dave Smith visit our San Diego real estate

San Diego Top Market to Buy a Home

by Roberta Murphy Carlsbad, CA–The San Diego real estate market has been named a top buy by ABC News –or at least makes their top five list of the sweetest real estate markets in the country. Others on the list include Virginia Beach, VA, Albany, NY, Austin, TX and Madison, WI. Why buy a home