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Home Prices Down?

Are home prices down in San Diego–or not? Today’s San Diego Union Tribune noted that San Diego home prices had softened a bit over the month of September, with countywide median home prices standing at $456,750 for the month of October. Overall, though, home prices in San Diego County are up 4 percent year-over-year. Thr
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Slower Closings Coming

We are warning our San Diego real estate clients that slower closings coming soon. This fall, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) begins requiring banks to provide consumers with a longer window in which to review loan documentation. The new rule, potentially in effect October 3, 2015, can push closing for San Diego home sales by as

Downtown Oceanside, CA

by Roberta Murphy I’ve often wondered about life in downtown Oceanside–and what it would be like. Late yesterday afternoon at a Carlsbad Cinco de Mayo fest, I met two wonderful ladies who had spent the last 20 years with their families living in downtown Oceanside. They spoke of life in downtown Oceanside. Their kids went