single story homes in carlsbadSingle story homes in Carlsbad are sometimes difficult to find, but we follow the market closely and present them here.

Why the popularity of single story homes in Carlsbad?

Baby Boomers as a group love homes with no or few stairs. Old football or ski injuries haunt many and the fear of future ailments concerns others. There is also the increasing desire to “age in place” and with a single story home, that is certainly very possible. Another group where many want the “ranch” style home are those from the Midwest, where these homes are far more prevalent.

Unfortunately, single level homes have a larger footprint and generally require larger lots on which to build. And land is a scarcity in coastal San Diego County–particularly in that precious coastal band of land between Del Mar and Carlsbad. The availability of land increases as one moves inland–and there you will find more land-hogging single level homes.

If you look below,  you’ll see current available listings of single level homes for sale in Carlsbad. If you see something of interest or have any questions, feel free to call Roberta or Scott lMurphy at either 760-942-9100 or 760-613-6190. Or, email:

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