California and San Diego Voters Have Spoken


by Roberta Murphy

California and San Diego Voters

At election time in California, it is always interesting to see what issues voters put on the ballots with their Propositions-and the voting results are always interesting.

Yesterday, California and San Diego voters passed or voted down the following issues:

Passed the controversial Propositon 8, which bans same-sex marriage in California.

Passed Proposition 2, which calls for the humane treatment of farm animals.

Defeated Propositon 4, which would have required parental approval for California teen abortions.

Passed Proposition 1-A, which will provide high speed train service between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Locally, San Diego County voters

Passed Propositon D, which bans alcohol consumption on San Diego beaches.

Passed Proposition K, which will keep sand on Encinitas beaches.

Passed Propositon H, which increases Del Mar’s bed-tax, or transient occupancy tax (TOT), on Del Mar hotel and vacation rental stays to 13 percent.

Defeated Propositon O, which would have put San Marcos redevelopment and growth plans on the skids.

Passed Proposition S, the San Diego School Bond measure.

As a side note, Controversial San Diego City Attorney Michael Aguirre was defeated by Judge Jan Goldsmith.

These are only a few on the propositions and choices put before California and San Diego voters yesterday, but are some I was following with interest.  And the issue that somehow excites me the most is the prospect of having a high speed train running between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  That, of course, would also help connect San Diego to San Francisco via rail–and I am already fantasizing about the trip.

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  1. Keahi, It's a source of such frustration that democracy just doesn't quite work in California. The courts are turning California into a litigocracy–or some such thing,

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