Buy from Me and I’ll Buy Your San Diego Home


by Roberta Murphy


Buy My San Diego Home
“Yeah, sure!”

You’ll really buy my San Diego Home?

It’s an old come on–and a persistent temptation.

You’ve seen the sign riders all over the the San Diego real estate market.

Buy this Home from Me, and I’ll Buy Yours!”

The catch?

Home sellers are generally offered around 63 to 75 percent of the San Diego home’s current market value (sans real estate commission). That means you must have substantial equity in your property, and be willing to fork over a good chunk of it to the real estate agent making the offer. Additionally, you are bound to purchasing your next home from the same agent.

Is this in your best interest?

Only if you are in desperate straits–and don’t believe your home will sell under any other conditions–should you consider selling your San Diego home under such onerous terms.

And before entering one of these agreements, it would be prudent to call at least two other reputable San Diego Realtors (who know your neighborhood) to obtain a fair assessment of value for your San Diego real estate. Choose an agent that is very familiar with real estate conditions in your community, be it Carlsbad, Encinitas, Aviara, La Costa, Del Mar or Oceanside. Other online tools, though less accurate, may also help you determine the fair market value of your home. One is Zillow and another is an instant online San Diego home appraisal on this site. Additionally, you should check the San Diego MLS and search for comparable homes on the market.

By simply reducing the price of your San Diego home into a competitive range and aggressively marketing it to the buying audience, you may be able to sell at a much thinner discount.

Remember, anyone buying your San Diego area home at such discounts must do so because there are selling costs and profits that must be made when your home is resold.

Buy my San Diego Home?

Do you need to pay such a steep price to get your home sold?

Probably not!