Beware the Agent-in-Hiding


by Roberta Murphy

Carlsbad, CAWhat gives with unresponsive real estate agents in San Diego?

Last week, we had a Carlsbad relocation client call who wanted to see a home listed in La Costa. There was only a 24-hour window of opportunity for the buyer to see the home, which required an appointment for all showings. We called the agent and left messages at every available number explaining the urgency.  The agent finally returned the call–a day too late.

The sellers likely have no idea they lost a potential buyer.

Variations of this scenario are played out time and again, especially with San Diego foreclosures and short sales. The problem with these properties may not be in getting an appointment to show, but in getting a timely response from the listing agent regarding status of listing and offers.  It is so frustrating for buyers and their agents when there is no ready flow of information or status updates.

This is not an attack on all real estate agents; rather, it is directed at those few who make it so difficult to show and sell their listings.

The goal of a home seller (including lenders with REO’s) is to get the listed property sold as quickly as possible–and at the highest price. To accomplish this goal, the home must be marketed and shown to as large a pool of qualified buyers as possible.  If the home cannot be shown to buyers (for whatever reason), marketing time increases, which results in the likelihood that sales price will decline.

It’s not a scenario any sane seller wants. — Roberta Murphy