Benefits of Owning a Home in San Diego?


Benefits of Owning a home in San DiegoDo kids of San Diego homeowners fare better in school than children of those who rent? Are there benefits of owning a home in San Diego?

This graphic, provided by the California Association of Realtors, seems to suggest that might be the case.

Of course, it is self-serving in that it promotes home ownership and the services offered by Realtors (in this case specific to San Diego real estate), but it did get me thinking and coming up with a few reasons why this might be the case:

Stability. Moving around can create a lot of upheaval for families–especially when it involves changes in schools. On the other hand, I grew up in a military family and at a young age learned I had to adjust not only to new schools, but be ready to move with little notice. I survived and somehow managed to graduate from both college and graduate school. The family was stable, our community roots were not. Had our family been torn apart, the results might have been far different. We did not live in a home we owned until I was in junior high. Not sure that made a difference or not, but it occurred at a crucual time in life when “belonging” became more important.

Goals. When a parent or parents set a goal of home ownership and focus on that goal, it is more likely to happen. And perhaps that goal-setting mentality is passed on to their children?

Education. It would stand to reason that the better educated one is, the more likely success will follow. And most successful people end up owning their homes. Though no guarantee, we might assume that educated parents would encourage their children in the same direction. Hence, the greater probability that their children will graduate from both high school and college.

Of course, most of us know successful homeowners whose kids have ended up in trouble–and also know kids who have overcome great adversity and poverty and risen to great success. Owning a home made little or no difference to either group of kids.

And contrary to what the National and State Realtor Associations promote, I believe that a family can thrive without owning a home.