Aviara’s KIA LPGA Tournament a Win for San Diego

Aviara Golf Course
Aviara Golf Course

by Roberta Murphy–Several times today I drove by the Aviara Golf Course, where the Kia LPGA Golf Tournament is in full swing.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I was showing homes in La Costa and was not in attendance.  Had I been free to do so, here is what I might have done had I no ticket for admission:

I would have taken a hike along the Batiquitos Lagoon trails, where midway, I could have crawled through some gentle brush and watched (and possibly photographed)  the action.

As a Carlsbad Realtor, it is logical to assume that half the entire world is at least getting a glimpse of beautiful Carlsbad, CA vis the Kia and LPGA tournamen– and at least 10 percent of those viewers seem to be attending La Costa and Aviara open houses this weekend.

Aviara Golf Club

Why? Is it the market or is it the Kia Golf Tournament?

Every open house in both Carlsbad and Oceanside was jammed. I mean, perhaps a dozen or more people at a time were going through each home. Parking was a problem not just at the tournament (with overflow parking at La Costa Resort), but in the driveways and curbsides of open houses as well.

I live among golfing enthusiasts who would love to attribute the traffic to golf. As the more objective one, though, I think San Diego has a drastic shortage of housing. Even rentals are getting multiple and pleading offers–many of whom just might be wishing that television stations were not broadcasting San Diego’s balmy weather, luscious golf courses and all the short sleeve and sleeveless golg enthusiasts.

I had hoped to go over to Aviara Resort this evening for an iced cocktail and the opportunity to spy on some of the golfers.  Was informed by a knowledgeable one that the bar, the lobby, the dining room would be a madhouse.

Next week, perhaps?

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