Ants in Your San Diego Home?


Are you bothered by pesky ants in your kitchen and bath?

Ants in San Diego Home

In addition to summer fruit flies, it seems that with every change in weather or temperature, ants come marching in lines seeking goodies in our Carlsbad home.

I hate the idea of poisonous sprays and have had marginal success with those widely-available little plastic ant traps. A couple of weeks ago, in total frustration, I was about to call a local pest control company to spray in and around the house. My bottle of Windex just wasn’t doing the job.

Instead, I went over to Amazon and decided to research best solution. There, I found Terro liquid-filled traps priced at $6.49 for six bait stations. Reviews were good, so I immediately ordered a two-pack, assuming it would take at least a dozen to do the job. The traps arrived a few days later, and I immediately placed one in each bathroom as well as under a kitchen cabinet.

As a couple of Amazon reviewers had warned, these traps would lure ants from all points and they in turn would take the yummy and poisonous nectar to the queen and the rest of their universe–and would annihilate the entire colony.

As temping as it was for a day to kill the lines of ants, I left them alone–as was advised. Two days later and every day since, I have yet to see an ant in our home.

This is an unpaid commercial and testimony for the best solution I have found for ridding our home of ants.  And  I barely used half a package!  Would recommend buying a single for starters.

Good luck to those who have homes for sale in San Diego–and to those who simply want no more ant invations!

Roberta Murphy