by Roberta Murphy

Encinitas Self RealizationSometimes, when I need to recharge my own batteries, I head over to the Self Realization Fellowship Gardens in Encinitas, where I can sit, meditate, breathe deeply and put life into perspective.

Here, cell phones are silenced and the only sounds you might hear are birds chirping and the ocean roaring as it hits the beach and cliffs below. This Self Realization Center truly belongs to another century.

On a recent trip there with family, my Houston, Texas nephew Bryan Sneed took some amazing photos which I’ll forever treasure.

On days when I need to escape to a timeless and verdant venue and leave the cell phone behind, I park my car and walk into the gardens and can feel pressures and worries dropping from my psyche. I’ve read about grounding and hope to one day soon shed my shoes as well as I walk on the green paths so that I can better connect with all that the Self Realization Fellowship Garden have to offer. And then find myself standing at the edge of  the earth, over which I might dangle my unshod feet.

And did I mention that admission to this adventure is free?