Advantages of Living on a Busy Street

Busy Street
Busy Street

by Roberta Murphy

Carlsbad, CA–As Realtors, we’ve all heard these admonishments from our San Diego real estate buyers who don’t want to live on a busy street:

“I don’t want to live on any street with painted yellow or double lines….”

“I am m-a-n-i-c about noise. Don’t want to hear cars or planes or even bouncing basketballs. Give me silence….”

“It’s got to be a cul de sac and preferably a double cul de sac…”

<h2>But what about the advantages of living on a busy street?</h2>

  • Accessibility just might equate to walkability, especially if that busy street is located near one of San Diego’s beaches, or shopping or even one’s place of employment. Walk Scores have begun to enter the real estate decision equation and there is a blossoming of live-work spaces in more urban areas of San Diego and in coastal areas of Carlsbad, Encinitas and Oceanside. It’s all part of a greener lifestyle.
  • Roads to Riches?  Unless at the beach or in desirable downtown area, one can generally get more home for the money if it is located on a busy street. Owners have found ways to mitigate noise nuisance with walls, fountains, music, dual or triple-pained windows and simply learning to tune out road noise.
  • Anonymity just might be more possible on a busy street. Cars buzzing by pay little mind to the homes they are passing and residents tend not to congregate street-side. There’s also a certain anonymity to being in a crowd.
  • Restrictions regarding property use may be fewer if home is on a busy street. Very often, these homes (unless they are condos) are outside HOA restrictions and fees. As a result, these properties may be popular with those who own recreational vehicles and need requisite parking.
  • Population Trends: We are hearing more and more about RUPPIES (Retired Urban Professionals) and Slumburbia, and how many no longer wish to live within isolated cul de sacs that are a long walk or bike ride from shopping, schools and entertainment. More and more, people are seeking greener lifestyles that don’t require a tank of gas every three days. This is especially true in San Diego and in our coastal communities like Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar and Oceanside, where walks and bike rides in balmy weather can be accomplished year round. From that perspective, living on a busy street might no be so disagreeable.

We’ve also found that those who are relocating to San Diego from downtown Chicago, New York City, San Francisco or even Los Angeles are not so manic about the presence of street noise. They are used to it and have already learned to carry on with their lives very nicely–and actually enjoy the buzz of noisy urban life.