Absorb-Ease Pads Make Grease-Cleaning Easy


It’s well-known, but worth repeating.

Grease should never be poured down a kitchen drain.  The moment that liquid fat touches cold water or cold pipes, it can harden and block pipes.

Traditionally, disposing of grease required:

  1. Pouring the grease into a glass jar
  2. Placing the jar in the refrigerator
  3. Throwing out the jar once the grease had hardened

However, a new, biodegradable product called Absorb-Ease lets you go from Grill to Garbage in one easy step — with no spilled grease and no collecting of glass jars.

Just put an FDA-approved Absorb-Ease pad in a hot, greasy skillet and watch it absorb liquid like a paper towel absorbs a spill.  The analogy is fitting, in fact, because Absorb-Ease is made from food-grade, fibrous tree pulp — much like paper towel.

Grease-soaked Absorb-Ease pads can be thrown out with the rest of the garbage and can be bought online in packs of 64.  They cost roughly $0.27 each.