San Diego Wine


by Eve Sieminski

San Diego Wine Tasting
San Diego Wine Tasting

San Diego wine tastings are a passion of mine.

I am a San Diego real estate agent by trade, a San Diego wine follower by passion, and can’t resist sharing new wine finds on either San Diego Previews or, more commonly on our sister site Luxury Home Digest.  I also love travel, and what could make a better trip than one involving  California vineyards?

Last November, we went to Sonoma for their annual Russian River Wine Road (thanks to a tip from Twitter wine buddy Thea Dwelle aka @winebrat), where we visited a long list of must-stop wineries. One of those trips included Truett Hurst Winery located in Dry Creek Valley. We all really loved their wines–especially the Zinfandels, and I even purchased some of their futures.

Several weeks ago I bumped into Jim Morris, general manager for Truett Hurst, on that social media site Twitter. I immediately followed his updates and complimented him on his winery and wines. He mentioned that he would be down in the San Diego area after Christmas visiting relatives, and would love to set up a wine tasting event for me and my grateful friends at the North County Wine Company in San Marcos.

Jim brought down five Truett Hurst wines for our group of 35-40 to taste:

2006 Red Rooster Zinfandel (a favorite with many)
2006 Rattler Rock Zinfandel (my personal favorite; jammy, fruity nose, lush, great finish!)
2006 Three Vineyards Zinfandel (complex, rich, with lovely finish–beautiful with roasted meats)
2006 Burning Man Petite Sirah (think Red Velvet; deep scarlet color, peppery fruit, rich, intense, a WOW!)
2005 Dessert Wine had a huge cheering section. Perfect with goat cheese dessert. One to savor….

Truet Hurst Vineyard is biodynamic and is working to become a self-sufficient biosystem.  Chickens, goats, cows, insect and vegetable gardens work together for a near-total organic experience.  Each of the vines in this earth-friendly vineyard even have a name!

Eve’s Wine Tip: After opening any bottle of wine (red, white, Champagne) be sure to recork it and store in the refrigerator to slow down the aging process.

dia zdrowia!

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