A Salute to San Diego’s Small Businesses

Seaside Market in Cardiff-by-the-Sea

We haven’t been on San Diego streets trying to “occupy” anything this year, but small businesses have definitely found a place in our hearts and wallets. I don’t hate Wall Street, but am learning to distrust it thanks to the devastating financial shenanigans of hedge funds like Fletcher Asset Management and JGB Capital.

Their slick and predatory lending/investment practices have left Main Street investors devastated–but that is another story. And I have no bone to pick with the major supermarkets; rather, we enjoy local and family owned places like Seaside Market in Cardiff by the Sea and our favorite fruit, flower and vegetable stand at La Costa Farms market. And of course, who can fail to love the adventure of visiting San Diego’s colorful Farmer’s Markets that are available almost any day of the week throughout the county? As a major agricultural center, San Diego works well for small grocers and truck farmers–and is heaven for fresh food shoppers. When local fundraisers for sports, schools and needy families are seeking support, most often it is the local markets, dry cleaners, breweries, restaurants, physicians, dentists et al who come to the aid of their communities and its causes.

Check any school, Little League team or other local fundraisers and the vast majority of donations come from LOCAL sponsors. It just so happens that we are also a small and local business serving the San Diego real estate market. San Diego Previews Real Estate is not a franchise, nor do we have “affiliated” relationships with title companies, escrow companies–or skim 10 percent referral fees off recommendations we make to local contractors. Our business is our business. We pay no franchise fees, don’t own title or escrow companies, and don’t show up as television commercials. Instead, like Seaside Market and other local San Diego businesses, we stand alone and on our reputation.

There are no “affiliated” businesses providing side profits or unions offering other protections. We make it or break it on the quality of our service–and hopefully, the loyalty of our clients. We understand the plight of small businesses, and they will continue to earn our business. In exchange, we give thanks for the loyalty of our clients and continue to work hard to earn and maintain that trust and confidence.

2 responses to “A Salute to San Diego’s Small Businesses

  1. Well written…in support of local businesses. All too often local real estate offices are left out of this category and I think you did an exceptional job of letting the public know that there are some of us that are small & non franchise real estate offices out there. Buy and use the services of those folks who are local!

    1. Thank you, Gena! I know the dedication with which you service your real estate clients in Sacramento and I join you in saluting all small businesses who do the same.

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