7172 Estrella De Mar, Carlsbad, CA is NOT a Short Sale

7172 Estrella De Mar
7172 Estrella De Mar

In fact, 7172 Estrella de Mar, Carlsbad, CA 92009 is not even a valid listing. Nor a valid short sale.

I know this fact, because I happen to know one of the owners who never signed a listing agreement, nor a purchase agreement for this home located at 7172 Estrella De Mar.

She is not sure what game is being played and is shocked to see her home plastered all over the internet. The owner of 7172 Estrella De Mar has a massive battle going on with the original lender on this property, and has no intention of selling.

And I can’t help but wonder about the potential buyers for this prime La Costa property. Are they passing up other homes believing they have this one in the bag? If so, their agent could possibly be in trouble for misrepresentation because a valid listing was never signed–nor was the purchase agreement, unless there was a forgery of my friend’s signature.

My kind friend is of a mind to let the situation ride. I, on the other hand, don’t want to miss the opportunity to issue a warning to potential La Costa buyers:

If the deal looks to good to be true, it probably is.

Short sales on prime homes in La Costa are long gone–and most never existed.

I would first suggest that buyers (and agents) check ownership of properties prior to making an offer. In this case, the agent apparently KNEW this owner of 7172 Estrella De Mar had not signed the listing agreement, despite the agent’s  pleas for her to do so. Going one step further, did all owners sign the purchase agreement? I think not. And if this is the case, what signatures were presented to the lender in this short sale transaction?

What the agent probably did not know is that this writer is a close friend of this seller. And this home, over the years, has provided plenty of writer-fodder.

But then again, it’s a home with a life and purpose of its own.