5 Tips for Renting a Home in San Diego


by Roberta Murphy

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Renting a home in the San Diego area can be a real challenge–especially if you are new to the area.

Most likely, you are seeking a home near employment, and may also be concerned about local schools and neighborhood safety.

Here are some tips for safely renting a home in San Diego:

1. Whether you are searching for a San Diego home from afar, or are doing so locally, there is much you can do online and by phone. For starters, I would check out San Diego communities and neighborhoods at City-Data where you can check prices, crime statistics and area demographics

2.  Generally, the safest way to locate a potential home to rent is to do so through a Realtor or licensed property management company. These professionals are in a position to check ownership and to make sure the home is not is some state of foreclosure. Use Craig’s List and classified ads at your own risk.  If you do find a property to lease through one of these advertising sources, you may still want to call a San Diego Realtor and  ask if he or she can volunteer to check ownership records for you (and please remember this helpful real estate professional when you decide to buy:-)

3.  Before signing a lease, make sure  the lessor is the owner of record. There have been many cases where crooks offer leases on vacant homes, take the deposit and rental money–and run.  Additionally, you will want to make sure the home in not in some state of foreclosure in San Diego. You could end up  relocating again–and sooner than you wish.

4.  Once you have found your San Diego rental, you should definitely acquire rental insurance for your belongings. Fewer than half of all tenants bother doing this, and leave themselves at risk for great loss in the event of fire, flood, theft–or someone tripping over a stool in your kitchen and suing you. These policies are relatively inexpensive and are likely available through your auto insurance carrier.

5. Take photos of the interior prior to move in, and be sure to note in writing to the Lessor or leasing agent any defects to the property. This will help protect your security deposit when moving out.

4 responses to “5 Tips for Renting a Home in San Diego

  1. Good point about using a Realtor or agent – too many people these days trust in sites like Craigslist alone when moving from out of state, and it can be easy to be suckered if you're doing it alone.

  2. Erin,

    I know CraigsList has tried to clear out the fraudulent operators, but they still abound–especially when so much money is involved. Some of these San Diego scammers rent the same property over and over again to unsuspecting tenants. I recommend using a licensed real estate professional who has a license on the line.

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