13 Reasons to Look Forward to 2013


2013 san diego real estate predictions

San Diego Homes Selling Like Hotcakes–and Optimism for 2013

Ask almost any Realtor in San Diego about the real estate market here and you’ll hear the same complaint:


Homeowners who were teetering on the edge of negative and positive equity will likely get bumped into positive territory in 2013–if current trends continue. In our North Coastal market where we track home sales, we are seeing more and more selling at and even above list price. And though we don’t always trust the rosy prognostications of the National Association of Realtors, we are inclined to agree with them this time in their predictions for 2013:

13 Reasons to Look Forward to 2013.

And as the chart to the left shows, the inventory shortage of homes for sale in San Diego (as well as California) tells much.

With low interest rates and market trajectory, it might be time for pre-qualified buyers to make the leap–and for sellers who are thinking of up or down-sizing to make the jump. And if there is any way we can assist, please feel free to email roberta(at)sandiegopreviews or call 877-818-8197. We track the San Diego real estate market like hawks–but never our clients like prey.